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There Will Be Blood

July 21, 2015|MOVIES & TV|

2h 38m - Released 12/10/2007 by Paramount Vantage & Miramax Films - Rated R In the middle of the New Mexico desert in 1898, Daniel Plainview is deep underground at the bottom of a mine, looking for silver, completely alone. He breaks his leg in [...]

My Bad Haircut

July 8, 2015|POSTS|

The ironic thing about my bad haircut from last night is that it actually came out looking pretty good. There is usually some annoying detail about my haircuts that bothers me...a weird line, cut too much or cut too little...but I genuinely have no complaints about [...]

Four Weddings and a Funeral

February 15, 2015|MOVIES & TV|

1h 57m - Released 1/20/1994 by Gramercy Pictures - Rated R When I worked in movie theaters in the mid-nineties, I was passionately aware of every movie that was showing. I knew how many prints of each film were released around the country. I followed their box [...]

Writing With a Cautious Boldness

January 1, 2015|WRITING & BLOGGING|

On occasion, I play Texas Hold ‘em on my phone. It’s fun and it’s free. It gives me the thrill of real gambling without the risk and pressure of putting real money on the line. And I’m pretty good at it too. I recently turned [...]

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