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Stidham Should Stay at Baylor

July 16, 2016|SPORTS|

I’m going to be as objective as I possibly can in this post. I’m a Baylor grad, a big fan of BU football and I’m as devastated as anyone else about the news coming out of Waco in recent months. So obviously I’m biased and [...]

Surviving the Next 4 Years

July 12, 2016|POLITICS|

In 2017, we’re going to have a new President that we do not like. The total failure of Republicans to nominate a credible candidate in 2016 is already well documented in several great articles. With so many great candidates, it should’ve been easy to nominate [...]

Democrats Will Take #NeverTrump to a Whole New Level

May 3, 2016|POLITICS|

Dear Trump supporter, Do you remember all those Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008? There were lots of them, 69,498,516 to be exact, outnumbering Republican voters by nearly 10 million. And do you remember four years later when the same thing happened all over [...]

Trump: Maybe Cruz’s Father Shot Lincoln

May 3, 2016|HUMOR, POLITICS|

Leading up to a crucial Indiana primary on Tuesday, Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump gave an impromptu speech in which he distanced himself from his nearest competitor, Senator Ted Cruz. The most noteworthy moment of the speech was when Trump speculated that Rafael Cruz Sr, [...]

Trumped Up Radio

April 25, 2016|POLITICS|

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are the titans of political radio. Their combined audiences of 33+ million listeners have established them as the key voices of conservatism in America. Limbaugh is 65, Hannity is 54 and Levin is 58. They have long, established [...]

Coffee, I Don’t Love You Anymore

April 19, 2016|HUMOR|

There's no easy way to say this. I was hoping we could avoid having this conversation. But honestly, things just aren't getting any better between us and I'm afraid I can't go on like this...pretending everything's ok. Everything is not ok. My feelings for you are not [...]

Ugly Blogs

April 9, 2016|WRITING & BLOGGING|

I’m still relatively new to this whole blogging thing, so I will mostly likely say things here in this post which reveal my ignorance and naivete on the subject. But instead of cowering away with my feeble lack of experience, I see an opportunity to [...]

Do Facts Matter to Trump Supporters?

April 5, 2016|POLITICS|

If you are a Trump supporter, I’m warning you now that there are facts in this post. I will make many statements which are true and verifiable by history, data and common sense. If you wish to avoid reading these facts, you can walk [...]

Ted Cruz Suspends His Campaign

March 31, 2016|POLITICS|

The original title of this post was "Ted Cruz Will Be the 45th US President." The entirety of the post is down below. As you know, Cruz ended his campaign on May 3rd after losing in the Indiana primary to Donald Trump. The scenario that [...]

Welcome To My Website

March 28, 2016|WRITING & BLOGGING|

Today is the day that you're visiting my new website for the first time. You're browsing through the pages, perhaps reading a couple of posts or maybe just taking a quick look. The bottom line is...you're here. I wouldn't have invited you here if I didn't [...]

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