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10 Phrases I Hate

June 15, 2017|HUMOR, LANGUAGE|

Here are 10 phrases I hate. You may hate them too. Or perhaps there are other phrases that bother you. Tell me which phrases you dislike in the comments below. Here are mine in ascending order of hatred: 10. EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG... If you've [...]

Trump Currently Winning an Epic Game of Risk

April 14, 2017|HUMOR, POLITICS|

The White House press corps and multiple sources are reporting that President Trump and his inner circle of advisers have been locked in a game of Risk for at least two weeks. At the time this post was published, Trump was in the lead with [...]

A Country Should Be Managed Like a Home

February 7, 2017|HUMOR, POLITICS|

When it comes to running a country, it’s not much different than running a home, or at least it shouldn’t be. Granted, there are 319 million more people in the country than there are in your home, but that doesn’t change any of the dynamics [...]

UPDATE: Democrats Are Still Protesting Stuff


In a unified demonstration of solidarity, Democratic voters and the Democrats of Congress they elected all entered the new month of February 2017 with an insatiable desire to continue protesting stuff. Across the nation in airports, college campuses, busy intersections and in Congress, the nation’s [...]

Trump Is the Biggest Sore Winner Ever

January 25, 2017|NEWS & CULTURE, POLITICS|

If winning the presidency doesn't cure a man's insecurities, I don't know what ever will. You can't blame a guy for defending himself or taking every opportunity to make himself look like a winner. But after winning the race of all races and sticking it [...]

My Favorite Bands & Artists – #13: Depeche Mode

January 16, 2017|MUSIC|

Several British bands became popular in the US in the '80s. It was impossible to listen to the radio for 30 minutes without hearing one or two or their songs. The music coming out of Britain was in sharp contrast to what it produced in [...]

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