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Ugly Blogs

April 9, 2016|WRITING & BLOGGING|

I’m still relatively new to this whole blogging thing, so I will mostly likely say things here in this post which reveal my ignorance and naivete on the subject. But instead of cowering away with my feeble lack of experience, I see an opportunity to [...]

Do Facts Matter to Trump Supporters?

April 5, 2016|POLITICS|

If you are a Trump supporter, I’m warning you now that there are facts in this post. I will make many statements which are true and verifiable by history, data and common sense. If you wish to avoid reading these facts, you can walk [...]

Ted Cruz Suspends His Campaign

March 31, 2016|POLITICS|

The original title of this post was "Ted Cruz Will Be the 45th US President." The entirety of the post is down below. As you know, Cruz ended his campaign on May 3rd after losing in the Indiana primary to Donald Trump. The scenario that [...]

Welcome To My Website

March 28, 2016|WRITING & BLOGGING|

Today is the day that you're visiting my new website for the first time. You're browsing through the pages, perhaps reading a couple of posts or maybe just taking a quick look. The bottom line is...you're here. I wouldn't have invited you here if I didn't [...]

Ben Carson’s Betrayal

March 15, 2016|POLITICS|

For the rest of his life, Ben Carson will be told by his former supporters that they are disappointed in him. Not all of his supporters will feel this way, but there will be enough for him to forever regret his presidential endorsement of Donald [...]

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

March 8, 2016|BOOK REVIEW|

3/8/16 - I'm well aware of the fact that this looks like the most boring book in the world. I've always thought that its cover does a disservice to the great story that's inside of it. I read The Goal back in college, which was [...]

Logic of a Dream – Explosions in the Sky

March 2, 2016|MUSIC|

Logic of a Dream is the second track released from The Wilderness, the new album by Explosions in the Sky, scheduled for a full release on April 1. They're clearly trying to create a new sound for themselves, which is appropriate. It's been 5 years since their [...]

There Will Be Blood

July 21, 2015|MOVIES & TV|

2h 38m - Released 12/10/2007 by Paramount Vantage & Miramax Films - Rated R In the middle of the New Mexico desert in 1898, Daniel Plainview is deep underground at the bottom of a mine, looking for silver, completely alone. He breaks his leg in [...]

My Bad Haircut

July 8, 2015|POSTS|

The ironic thing about my bad haircut from last night is that it actually came out looking pretty good. There is usually some annoying detail about my haircuts that bothers me...a weird line, cut too much or cut too little...but I genuinely have no complaints about [...]

Four Weddings and a Funeral

February 15, 2015|MOVIES & TV|

1h 57m - Released 1/20/1994 by Gramercy Pictures - Rated R When I worked in movie theaters in the mid-nineties, I was passionately aware of every movie that was showing. I knew how many prints of each film were released around the country. I followed their box [...]

Writing With a Cautious Boldness

January 1, 2015|WRITING & BLOGGING|

On occasion, I play Texas Hold ‘em on my phone. It’s fun and it’s free. It gives me the thrill of real gambling without the risk and pressure of putting real money on the line. And I’m pretty good at it too. I recently turned [...]

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