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Joe’s Journal – May 2018

May 1, 2018|JOURNAL|

Just a busy month of working, driving and looking for a place to live on the southeast side of Houston. We'd like to live close to where I work instead of across town, which is where we live now. This was my first full month at the new job and it's going well. This is my journal for May of 2018. This is my journal for April of 2018.

We’re Moving to Houston!

April 1, 2018|JOURNAL|

You read that right...we're moving to Houston...me, Aniela and Abram. It's not just a vague intention. I'm not saying that we'll eventually move to Houston. I'm saying that we're moving on April 6 so I can start a new job on April 9. It's all very sudden. The opportunity came out of nowhere on March 19th and we had to make some quick decisions as to whether or not I would accept it. But we really didn't need much time to think about it. It's a great opportunity. It fulfills my dormant hope of returning to Texas and we're super excited about it.

Joe’s Journal – April 2018

April 1, 2018|JOURNAL|

After a very unexpected job offer on March 22, we packed up all our stuff and moved from Florida to Houston on April 6th. It’s the big move I could only dream of because I never knew how to make it happen. Now it’s a reality. It sets the stage for a brand new chapter in life with my little family in Texas. This is my journal for April of 2018.

Joe’s Journal – March 2018

March 1, 2018|JOURNAL|

Ahh yes...I recognize that scent. It's very distinct. It's the smell of change. It doesn't come around often...but when it does, it's undeniable. Everything's about to get really interesting. This is my online journal for the month of March 2018.

I Cured My Gaming Addiction by Quitting Cold Turkey

February 1, 2018|GAMES & APPS, JOURNAL|

Instead of cutting back on all the games that I play or “eventually quitting” sometime in the future, I recently decided (quite impulsively) that I’ve already played my last game. This post is my official retirement from the silly racing game on which I’ve wasted so much time in the last two years.

Getting Back into Shape

January 19, 2018|HEALTH & FITNESS, JOURNAL|

After a long hiatus from working out and 3 years of paying for a gym membership I didn't use, I'm now taking small steps towards getting in shape again. I couldn't ignore the consequences of my bad health any longer.

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