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Big Red Is Dead

September 24, 2017|JOURNAL|

After nine years of driving me around Texas and Florida, my little 2004 Dodge Neon (aka Big Red) finally gave out on me. It was the perfect car for me and I'm really going to miss it.

REVIEW: David Gilmour Live at Pompeii

September 16, 2017|MUSIC|

Live at Pompeii was a happy celebration for David Gilmour and his team of talented musicians. They commemorated Pink Floyd, honored the memory of Richard Wright and played a few new tracks which most of us had never heard.

If Yer Gonna Blog, You Hafta Spell Correctly

August 10, 2017|WRITING & BLOGGING|

Even tho we’re living in a fast-paced, abbreviated culture where no one seems to have any patience, it’s still important to maintain some writing standards. U can’t just shorten everything to acronyms and lazily-spelled words. Bottom line...if yer gonna blog, you hafta spell correctly.

Joe’s Journal – August 2017


A regular month of busy preparations for our baby became a devastating time in history for my hometown of Houston. Tens of trillions of gallons of water have fallen in the area due to Hurricane Harvey. Every Houstonian has been greatly affected, but they shined as a bright example of the best of humanity.

Tragedy on the Tracks…Again

July 24, 2017|POSTS|

On many occasions, my commute has been affected by accidental deaths and suicides on the Tri-Rail tracks. But today’s experience was the first time I was on the train that struck and killed someone. According to my count, today's death was the 7th of 2017.

Joe’s Journal – July 2017


I'm surprised it took me so long to think of the idea to start journaling here on my website. This is where I'll add ideas, opinions and thoughts about the news and everyday life. All of the entries from one month will have their own post. Feel free to add your comments and questions. I always appreciate the input of those who read my stuff 🌞

Dog Embarrassed By His Pathetic Owner

July 18, 2017|HUMOR|

BOULDER, COLORADO - It was another disappointing day in the life of Emerson. The 8-year old Golden Labrador spent today like he spends most days...staring out the window, imagining the awesome life he could’ve lived if only he had a different owner. 33-year old Jeremy [...]

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