Tragedy on the Tracks…Again

2017-07-27T17:11:13+00:00 July 24, 2017|POSTS|

On many occasions, my commute has been affected by accidental deaths and suicides on the Tri-Rail tracks. But today’s experience was the first time I was on the train that struck and killed someone. According to my count, today's death was the 7th of 2017.

Death By Tri-Rail

2017-03-20T01:08:16+00:00 October 24, 2016|POSTS|

I'm reminded again today that there are people out there with much bigger problems than my own. A little before 7am this morning, my wife dropped me off at the train station like she does on most weekday mornings. The train headed north as usual, but the conductor alerted us that we needed to find [...]

My Bad Haircut

2016-10-31T13:43:55+00:00 July 8, 2015|POSTS|

The ironic thing about my bad haircut from last night is that it actually came out looking pretty good. There is usually some annoying detail about my haircuts that bothers me...a weird line, cut too much or cut too little...but I genuinely have no complaints about the way I look today. Instead of the haircut, it was [...]