It’s hard for me to believe that in 2009, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was aimless and looking for direction. These days, I can hardly contain my ambition for my long list of goals and plans. There is so much to do, so much to learn and so many things I want to create. And of course…I not only want to do it all, but I also want to write all about it.

I believe that our desire to create comes from the God who created us…having made us in his image. Like never before, I have a deep eagerness to teach, to write and to build. I’m constantly hoping and looking for an opportunity to get away and make something. This website is my home base for those projects and a wide range of interests.

There is no better time to be alive than now. Everything is changing so quickly in our culture, in technology and in media. It’s all accelerated and in our faces, full of temptations and distractions. Nonetheless, we’re still the same fragile humans we’ve always been, desperate for acceptance and purpose. We still need rest and relationships. And we still need to connect with things that will never change; our need for integrity, discipline and a relationship with God. These are the issues I’d like to discuss. The trends and headlines of the day are sometimes interesting…and there’s a whole internet out there where you can read all about them. My preference, however, is to go deeper than that…to address the timeless truths that are not affected by trends or headlines.

I’m now comfortable enough in my skin to “put myself out there” with this website, to share a few things that I write and make so that others can see it. I’ll gladly surrender a little of my privacy if it means that my work can be noticed. I appreciate the time you took to look around. Send me a message down below.

Joseph Gonzales
Hollywood, Florida

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