MONO’s New Drummer: Dahm Majuri Cipolla

Dahm Majuri Cipolla’s first ever show as the new MONO drummer - June 9, 2018 in Shanghai, China – Photo by sero-MAMAHUHU via New Noise China After 18 years as MONO’s drummer, Yasunori Takada abruptly left the band in December 2017 for personal reasons. Following his departure, MONO portrayed itself as a three-member [...]

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My Favorite Bands & Artists – #13: Depeche Mode

Several British bands became popular in the US in the '80s. It was impossible to listen to the radio for 30 minutes without hearing one or two or their songs. The music coming out of Britain was in sharp contrast to what it produced in the '60s and '70s. Several noteworthy bands were producing multiple [...]

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Logic of a Dream – Explosions in the Sky

Logic of a Dream is the second track released from The Wilderness, the new album by Explosions in the Sky, scheduled for a full release on April 1. They're clearly trying to create a new sound for themselves, which is appropriate. It's been 5 years since their last full-length album and they couldn't simply emerge from such [...]

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