Astros Humbled in Houston

2018-10-19T17:53:47-04:00October 19, 2018|SPORTS|

Our A- Astros lost to the A+ Red Sox in the 2018 ALCS. There's certainly no shame in losing to a better team, but it's still disappointing. But the pain of this loss is what will fuel the Astros' success for years to come.

Astro-nomic Joy!

2017-11-07T13:23:19-04:00November 3, 2017|SPORTS|

The Astros’ championship means more to me than it probably should. The heart-pounding anxiety I felt throughout the playoffs would’ve been appropriate in a serious place like a hospital waiting room. But there I was, watching a mere game, stressing out between every pitch.

ESPN Bans Adverbs Ending in “ly” Because They Sound Like “Robert E. Lee”

2017-08-26T19:10:22-04:00August 23, 2017|HUMOR, NEWS & CULTURE, SPORTS|

The courageous social fighters at ESPN declared in a public statement today that adverbs ending in “ly” will no longer by spoken by ESPN anchors nor published in ESPN articles due to their similar pronunciation to the name of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Adverbs such as “quickly,” “actually” and “definitely” are hereby banned by [...]

Dallas Cowpersons vs. Washington Native Americans – A Preview of the NFL in 2040

2017-07-12T08:13:03-04:00July 3, 2017|HUMOR, SPORTS|

Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen, ladies who were once men, former ladies who are now men and everyone else who’s still in’s a great day for football! I’m Herb Chandler, here along with Frank Potter and we’re excited to bring you another fantastic matchup between two great teams; the Dallas Cowpersons face the Washington Native [...]