Risking Life for Liberty

My heart goes out to anyone who’s desperate for freedom and a better life. This guy who’s being detained…and another guy who got away, are Cubans who reached my town, Hollywood (FL), by sea in some type of unknown craft (link). risking life for liberty I’m no defender of illegal immigration or amnesty, but that doesn’t [...]

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ESPN Bans Adverbs Ending in “ly” Because They Sound Like “Robert E. Lee”

The courageous social fighters at ESPN declared in a public statement today that adverbs ending in “ly” will no longer by spoken by ESPN anchors nor published in ESPN articles due to their similar pronunciation to the name of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Adverbs such as “quickly,” “actually” and “definitely” are hereby banned by [...]

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McDonald’s Kiosk Gave Me No Attitude Whatsoever

Yes, I still eat at McDonalds every once in awhile. Those of you who are judging me for this are clearly unfamiliar with the awesomeness of McGriddles. But anyhow, that's another subject for another time. The big news lately is that McDonalds’ stock price is hitting all-time highs due to technology upgrades at 2,500 locations [...]

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UPDATE: Democrats Are Still Protesting Stuff

In a unified demonstration of solidarity, Democratic voters and the Democrats of Congress they elected all entered the new month of February 2017 with an insatiable desire to continue protesting stuff. Across the nation in airports, college campuses, busy intersections and in Congress, the nation’s Democrats maintained an impressive display of general outrage towards anything [...]

2017-03-20T01:13:51-05:00February 2, 2017|HUMOR, NEWS & CULTURE, POLITICS|

Trump Is the Biggest Sore Winner Ever

If winning the presidency doesn't cure a man's insecurities, I don't know what ever will. You can't blame a guy for defending himself or taking every opportunity to make himself look like a winner. But after winning the race of all races and sticking it to every “expert” and naysayer (myself included) who said he [...]

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2016 America in a Nutshell

If a year goes by and my loved ones are still happy and healthy, I consider it a good year. I know it’s popular nowadays to curse 2016 for all the bad things that occurred during these past 12 months. But I'm not gonna sing that song just because everyone else is singing it. In [...]

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