Joe’s Journal – August 2018

Another birthday during another hot August. This month has flown by so quickly, but football season and cooler weather is now just around the corner. Around the house, I'm balancing chores with the long list of projects that I'd rather be working on. This is my journal for August of 2018.

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Joe’s Journal – June 2018

We finally found our home! Sometime in July, Aniela, Abram and I will be moving to Pearland on the south side of Houston, just a few minutes from where I work. We're so excited! Living there is going to free up 3 hours of my day, enabling me to proceed with a number of projects that have been on hold ever since I moved here from Florida. This is my journal for June of 2018.

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Joe’s Journal – May 2018

Just a busy month of working, driving and looking for a place to live on the southeast side of Houston. We'd like to live close to where I work instead of across town, which is where we live now. This was my first full month at the new job and it's going well. This is my journal for May of 2018. This is my journal for April of 2018.

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