Swap Tiles in Words With Friends Without Losing Your Turn?

8/27/17 - Zynga, the company behind Words With Friends, has the tough task of marketing an intelligent game to younger generations who have shorter attention spans and waning interest in challenging word games. In the effort to make the game easier or perhaps more appealing, they're experimenting with a new feature which drastically changes the dynamics of the game and potentially creates an unfair advantage.


What’s More Important Than Truth?

9/15/16 - Whatever you're about to say about a topic or about someone, but that doesn't mean should say it. Some of the cruelest statements are made with the defense of "yeah but it's true." As you'll read in this post at RighteousMen.com, truth is not the only standard a Christian must regard in his interactions. He has a higher standard to follow, one that supersedes truth.



7/2/16 - After years of tweets and posts on the spiritual nature of Christian men, I created a simple website to take this writing to the next level. I secured the domain RighteousMen.com several years ago, but only recently secured the time and motivational push to finish building the site. It's nothing fancy, but I'm looking forward to posting there regularly for the challenge and encouragement of men who live out the Christian faith.


When Words Get in the Way

2/3/16 - The words we use in conversations and in writing should be clear and simple. In this post at Prime Instruction & Language, I make the case for avoiding fancy words so that listeners and readers can effectively receive our message, rather than being distracted by our words.


A Tribute to James Steven Corley

1/20/16 - Steve Corley was an intelligent, kind-hearted colleague and friend who worked more than four decades in the water purification industry. He passed away on 1/18/16. In this tribute to Steve on the H2O International website, I combined the content of an obituary with recollections from his family, friends and colleagues...hoping to honor this man and his memory for everyone who knew him


Great Drinks Start With Great Water

12/30/15 - Of all the drinks we serve to our guests during the holidays, the one thing they all have in common is water, so we should make sure our water is clean and pure. In this short post at H2O International, I emphasize the importance of using filtered water for all the drinks we serve. I also direct readers to other areas of the site where they can see a wide variety of H2O's filtration products.


Custom Excel Budgeting Spreadsheet

12/17/15 - After 2 years and more than 63,000 views on YouTube, my video about a budgeting Excel spreadsheet has become a little success. After linking the video to my Fiverr account, the online sale of spreadsheet has generated a few hundred dollars of revenue without me having to do any additional work. The video is now linked to a product page on my website PrimeInstruction.com, where it continues to sell...and of course it's helping many people learn to budget their money.


Speaking Pulls Comprehension in Foreign Language Learning

11/23/15 - Although it would seem that hearing a foreign language is the best way to learn to speak it, I would say the exact opposite is true. In this post at Prime Instruction & Language, I explain that we have no control over what we hear, so we must therefore follow a strategic plan to speak the language, which builds our understanding of it, making it more likely that we'll understand the language when it's spoken to us.



11/20/15 - After many starts and stops, I finally launched a new website for my language instruction business, Prime Instruction & Language. The learning curve was intense and at times overwhelming, but I pressed through all the obstacles to produce a website that I’m proud of. The site’s launch was only the beginning. I’m so excited about developing this site into a dynamic resource for language learners around the world.


Words With Football League Championship Video

10/10/15 – I was fortunate to reach the championship game of the Words With Football League, which gave me the opportunity to record my screen throughout the game and produce a full video of all the action. It was an intense experimentation with Camtasia software, which I was using on a trial basis. The audio and transitions are not perfect, but I’m nonetheless proud of this experimental video. It reignited my enthusiasm for the potential of making great videos. And of course I’m also happy that I won the game.


Texans Erase 119-Point Deficit Against Browns in the WWFL’s First Tie Game

7/30/15 – A fun write-up for an exciting matchup in the Words With Football League. I participated in the league’s first ever tie game, which allowed me to elaborate on many fictitious details. It was merely one game of Words With Friends that was played, but I wrote it up like an actual NFL game to further promote the notion that each WWF player is representing a real NFL team.


Challengers, Chumps & Cheaters

7/28/15 – Shortly after becoming an administrator in a word-game community, I took on the task of confronting a confirmed cheater. In an effort to disclose these details to the community, I took it a step further in this post by reminding everyone about the kinds of players we love (challengers), the players we’ll tolerate (chumps) and the players we will ban (cheaters). It was the first popular post on our new word-game website, which is still being developed.


Welcome to H2O International’s New Website

6/9/15 - I had the opportunity to work closely with Brainstorm Marketing as they developed the new website for H2O International, Inc. It was an eye-opening experience for me to closely watch these web professionals as they brought the new website to life. I provided them with all the content for the site and I still maintain it to this date. It not only features all of the company’s products, but also includes e-commerce capability so they can be sold directly from the website.