If Yer Gonna Blog, You Hafta Spell Correctly

Even tho we’re living in a fast-paced, abbreviated culture where no one seems to have any patience, it’s still important to maintain some writing standards. U can’t just shorten everything to acronyms and lazily-spelled words. Bottom line…if yer gonna blog, you hafta spell correctly.

While reading a blog the other day, I discovered a new word; wayment. Someone apparently thought it was a good idea to shorten “wait a minute” to “wayment.” Now, I gotta admit that wayment does in fact sound a lot like wait a minute. And I must confess I thot it was pretty clever. But that’s just lazy writing, imo.

idk if people these days are just lazy or maybe they dunno any better. I can understand if people text each other with short acronyms like “omg,” “lol” or “smh.” After all, texts are just informal messages for quick communication. But it sorta seams like the informality of texting is causing writers to make spelling errors without even realizing it!

Texting is one thing. A blog post, on the other hand, shud be written clearly and correctly cuz it’s gonna be there on the internets forever and lotsa people are gonna read it. Bad spelling on a permanent post reflects poorly on the author, dontcha think?

My guess is that many bloggers are relying too much on the spellcheck feature, which isn’t smart. A spellcheck won’t pick up all spelling errors. Lemme give you an example. If you meant to write “lose” instead of “loose” or if you meant to write “seem” instead of “seam,” a spellcheck won’t see any errors in those words, amirite?

And doneven get me started with bloggers who just make up words. That’s the worst! I’m reading one of their posts and I’m tryna understand their point, but it’s so distracting when the post is filled with abuncha words that don’t even exist. I mean, truthishly, that is so annoying!

I wanna teach a writing class. Alotta people have told me that ima really good communicator, so I thot to myself…why not? But my writing class wouldn’t be like other writing classes. I’m not gon waste my time telling students what to write about. If they don’t have the inspiration to write, they prolly wouldn’t be in a writing class in the first place, nom sayin’?

Instead, I’d simply show em how to make their writing clear and correct. As for what my students shud write about….idk and idc. I just want them to write it professionally with good grammar. My grammar used to be really bad, but it’s getting gooder and gooder everyday.

Happy writing, y’all!


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