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All the signs are pointing to the likelihood that your Words With Friends opponent is cheating. He’s quickly making moves for big points immediately after your moves. He’s pulling rare words out his ass that you know he didn’t think of. And he’s finding brilliant positions for his words that would take a non-cheater a long time to find. Also…another clear indicator that you’re playing a cheater is when he makes illogical moves for big points with no regard for their placement. This makes it clear that he’s using a Words With Friends cheat app and playing whichever word gives him the most points. So what should you do about this?

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Well, if you ask me (and you sorta did ask me by clicking on this post), I’d say you should simply continue playing the cheater as if everything is fine and normal. That’s right, just go on playing him or her. Don’t even bother accusing them of cheating or asking them if they’re cheating. That’s a total waste of time.

I say this because…if you do confront the cheater, they likely won’t acknowledge it. Instead, they will become defensive and accuse you of being a sore loser. And then you’ll become angry and vindictive. Or even worse, you may then be tempted to cheat. And if you do (cheat, that is), well then you’ve lost a lot more than a word game.

“I Would Do Anything to Win, But I Won’t Do That.”

On one hand, you opened up your Words With Friends app to kill some time, distract yourself and have a little fun. Certainly nothing wrong with any of that. However, by initiating or accepting a game against someone else, you have nonetheless put yourself into a competitive mode. If you’re the type of person who can remain relaxed and friendly in the midst of competition, well then I admire you. That doesn’t come easy for me. I absolutely hate to lose.

Therefore, there’s nothing casual about my approach. I’ll look at the board for a long time, mix up my letters and try a number of moves on the board. Whenever I have a blank tile, I’ll often try every letter in the alphabet with that tile to try and discover a new word. When I finally do make a move, I’m certain that it’s my best option. Before I got married and became a dad, I could devote endless hours to this routine (and I did).

Well I certainly don’t have that kind of time anymore. And I definitely don’t have time for the 10-15 simultaneous games and tournaments that I used to play. Nonetheless, in the few games that I do play, I play to win. And I will go to great lengths to win. But I will never cheat. Meatloaf is famous for singing that he “would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.” I was never really certain what that was in his case. Anyhow, in my case, I would do anything to win at Words With Friends, but I won’t do that (cheat).

Words With Friends Cheat Features

words with friends cheat features

And while I’m on the subject of cheating, I’m just going to mention that Zynga made things a lot harder for fair players by adding coins and cheat features to their game. I’m referring to the Power Ups. But what they really should call them are Cheat Features. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise. In the past, a cheater had to leave the game and go to another app to cheat. Now cheating is a feature within the game. I wrote all about this in another post, Swap Tiles in Words With Friends Without Losing Your Turn? I won’t get into it here again. But I’ll simply say this; it was a big mistake for Zynga to add these features, regardless of whether or not they’re making money from them. Ok…I had to get that off my chest. Please comment below with your thoughts.

While They Cheat, You Get Better

There is something I want to convey in the post, however, that is more important than “don’t cheat” or “don’t sink to their level.” If your opponent’s cheating bothers you so much, just don’t play them anymore. Decline any games they try to start with you and block them if you must. Problem solved.

But here’s my main point; continuing to play a cheater is actually beneficial to you. It makes you a better player. It sharpens your skills. And it means you’ll have to play with strategic defense. Otherwise, if you play too loosely, his Words With Friends cheat app will show him a dozen big moves he can play off your poorly-placed move.

I drastically improved at word games by playing the Electronic Arts version of Scrabble on my old Blackberry. I played the computer at its expert level and I kept track of my wins and losses. At first, I was lucky to win 1 or 2 games out of 20. The computer took advantage of every bad move I made. I must’ve played more than 1000 games on that tiny phone. I eventually improved to winning 15 of every 20 games I played at the expert level. Thereafter, my winning percentage was locked at 100% against any friend who was still willing to play me on an actual Scrabble board.

Challengers, Chumps & Cheaters

Years later, I transitioned to Words With Friends and brought my expanded skills and vocabulary with me. I got better and better, played in lots of tourneys and won several of them. Notably, my secret to continual improvement was to simply play better opponents. I no longer needed to play the expert mode of a computer. The tournaments introduced me to numerous elite players who proved to be even more challenging.

Inevitably, I encountered a cheater or two while playing in those tournaments. I even had to confront and kick out a few of them when I became an administrator of that group. I wrote all about it in a post titled Challengers, Chumps and Cheaters. The players in that group are so good. They’re super serious about the game and fair play. And they quickly sniff out the cheaters. By the way, that group is Word Games 24/7. <– click here to visit their Facebook page and join their tournaments.

I totally understand the frustration of losing in a tournament to someone you know is cheating. The administrators should totally be on top of that. But if it’s just some random game against someone you don’t know, don’t let their cheating get to you. Try to beat them anyway. That’s especially fun.

Another thing…you might be wrong. They might not be cheating at all. Some players are just really good. Therefore, just play the board with the tiles that are in front of you. Keep it fair on your end and keep a good conscience. Most importantly, have fun. If you don’t, you’re sorta missing the point of the whole game. Thanks for reading my post, wordies 🙂