Philadelphia looting

February 4, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. © Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images / AFP Philadelphia looting

It’s hard to be happy for a city that won its first championship when the fans of their team are destroying property and acting like maniacs. There’s a disgusting video circulating online where a guy in Eagles’ gear literally gets down on all fours and eats horse manure. Sorry Philly…THAT’S what we’re all going to remember about your first Super Bowl win.

I’m sure there are many places in Philadelphia where classy people celebrated the Eagles’ win with a round of beers, a toast and some reasonable shouts and cheers. But all it takes is one guy who’s drunk enough to eat horsesh*t in the streets and he’s now the representative of your city. He might as well be your mayor.

And then you have more than a dozen people standing on the awning of the Ritz Carlton. Predictably, it collapsed.

Philadelphia Looting…Win or Lose

The ongoing joke about Philadelphia is that they’re going to tear up the town whether they win or lose.

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Houston had been waiting for the Astros to win the World Series for as long as Philly waited for the Eagles to win a championship. When the Astros finally achieved that goal in November, there was hardly a peep of inappropriate behavior in that town. The whole city joyously celebrated together. It was the moment of unity that it should’ve been.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia:

It’s a real shame because the Eagles seem to be a classy team with a bunch of good guys. One quarterback earned them the top spot in the playoffs before getting hurt. And then his backup took over and led them to a championship. And they both celebrated each other’s success. Their coach is only in his second year, another good guy. And you gotta be happy for Brandon Graham who created a classic Super Bowl moment by stripping the ball from Tom Brady at the end of the game;

These are the amazing storylines we would be talking about if any other team had won the big game. Instead, we’ve got fires, broken windows, looted stores, collapsing awnings and horse manure. As rowdy as the fans get in Boston, there’s no chance they would’ve embarrassed their city if the Patriots had won. But as for Philly…win or lose, destruction is what they do. Even their wins feel like losses.