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Entrepreneurial Cat Opens Corner Store

December 26, 2016|HUMOR|

The grocery market at the corner of 45th and Lincoln looks a lot like any other corner store you’ll find around the country. The coolers are loaded with soda and alcohol products. The shelves are neatly arranged with canned goods and packaged food. At the [...]

I Hope Trump Continues to Prove Me Wrong

November 9, 2016|POLITICS|

It's alright with me if Trump continues to make me look like a humble, know-nothing blogger. I didn't think he'd win the nomination...I was wrong. I didn't think he had a prayer of winning the election and I was wrong again. I don't think he's [...]

Death By Tri-Rail

October 24, 2016|POSTS|

I'm reminded again today that there are people out there with much bigger problems than my own. A little before 7am this morning, my wife dropped me off at the train station like she does on most weekday mornings. The train headed north as usual, [...]

New Guillotine Alarm Clock Uses Cutting Edge Technology

September 16, 2016|HUMOR|

  A new, ingenious product is on the market for those who are chronically late to work. Representatives of TimeSlice Inc. announced a new product launch today for their revolutionary alarm clock which promises to resolve your tardiness problems...one way or another. TimeSlice’s new [...]

Stidham Should Stay at Baylor

July 16, 2016|SPORTS|

I’m going to be as objective as I possibly can in this post. I’m a Baylor grad, a big fan of BU football and I’m as devastated as anyone else about the news coming out of Waco in recent months. So obviously I’m biased and [...]

Surviving the Next 4 Years

July 12, 2016|POLITICS|

In 2017, we’re going to have a new President that we do not like. The total failure of Republicans to nominate a credible candidate in 2016 is already well documented in several great articles. With so many great candidates, it should’ve been easy to nominate [...]

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