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Getting Back into Shape

January 19, 2018|HEALTH & FITNESS, JOURNAL|

After a long hiatus from working out and 3 years of paying for a gym membership I didn't use, I'm now taking small steps towards getting in shape again. I couldn't ignore the consequences of my bad health any longer.

Failure, Perseverance & Polar Bears

January 16, 2018|LIFE & FAITH|

If you’re looking for encouragement, this post is for you. I’m always inspired by athletes and successful people who overcome failures to achieve greatness. But recently I discovered a hero of perseverance who fails 95% of the time, yet never stops trying. And if you knew how tirelessly he works to get to his goals, you’ll never be discouraged again.

Currently Reading: The Warburgs, by Ron Chernow

January 2, 2018|BOOK REVIEW|

I'm currently reading Ron Chernow's brilliant biography of The Warburgs, a fascinating story of a German-Jewish family of bankers who embody the conflict of being Jewish in the modern world. I'll update this post with my notes and thoughts on the book as I read through it.

Risking Life for Liberty

December 19, 2017|NEWS & CULTURE|

My heart goes out to anyone who’s desperate for freedom and a better life. This guy who’s being detained…and another guy who got away, are Cubans who reached my town, Hollywood (FL), by sea in some type of unknown craft (link). risking life for liberty I’m [...]

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