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Welcome to my website. I’m Joseph and these are my two loves; Aniela and Abram (my A-team). We live in Pearland, Texas. This blog has a little bit of everything that interests me. I write here mainly just for the joy of writing and connecting with readers. There are no ads on this site, nor any requests for your money. But I would certainly appreciate if you left a note to mention you were here. My post categories are below, followed by my latest posts from all categories. My PROJECTS page includes posts about the books I’m reading and the things I’m building.

Astros Humbled in Houston

October 19, 2018|SPORTS|

Our A- Astros lost to the A+ Red Sox in the 2018 ALCS. There's certainly no shame in losing to a better team, but it's still disappointing. But the pain of this loss is what will fuel the Astros' success for years to come.

MONO’s New Drummer: Dahm Majuri Cipolla

September 7, 2018|MUSIC|

Dahm Majuri Cipolla’s first ever show as the new MONO drummer - June 9, 2018 in Shanghai, China – Photo by sero-MAMAHUHU via New Noise China After 18 years as MONO’s drummer, Yasunori Takada abruptly left the band in December 2017 for personal [...]

Rethinking Wins, Losses & Saves in Baseball

August 10, 2018|SPORTS|

It's time to reconsider the way wins, losses and saves are determined in baseball. In this post, I suggest a drastic overhaul of major pitching stats so they will fairly and more-accurately reflect what happened in the game. These changes are long overdue.

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