Thursday – 7/27/2017

7:40pm – Sometime around noon today, someone shared my latest post, Tragedy on the Tracks, on a private Facebook page. Since then, nearly 800 people have visited my site to check out this post. A heavy concentration of the visitors were here in South Florida, especially Miami. In spite of lots of clicking around to find out who caused the post to spread, I still have no idea who shared it.

I sometimes promote my posts on Facebook so that people will read and share it. I do so with the hope that my posts will catch on and spread like my train post did today. But I didn’t promote the train post. The person who shared my post today must’ve found it all by themselves.

Anyhow, it’s unfortunately a very sad post. I’ve learned more about Loukeesha McKenzie, the young black woman who died on the tracks on Monday. She was the mother of two young boys. Have mercy on her, Lord.

Tuesday – 7/25/2017


This is absolutely crazy! He’s alleging that a public company is using its newspaper to lobby Congress to evade taxes. This is nuts!

Trump himself said he didn’t want to pursue the Clinton email scandal. And now he’s publicly blasting his AG for not doing so. Such a bad look.

Accusing his acting FBI Director of corruption. Wow!

For the moment, forget the obvious fact that this rhetoric is crazy and reckless. The most puzzling thing about Trump’s tweets is that they’re most damaging to himself! Who’s going to want to work for this President when he’s so disloyal to those who’ve been loyal to him?

Monday – 7/24/2017

Tragedy on the Tracks…again

I had a lot to say about the above incident yesterday morning. I created a new post titled Tragedy on the Tracks…Again, because that’s basically what it was, the seventh death of 2017 on the Tri-Rail tracks. I’m pretty sure there have been even more than 7. I’m very sorry for the family of the woman who ended her life on the tracks this morning.

Sunday – 7/23/2017

1:05pm – There’s no nice way to say it; the interior of our new used car smells like dog. We lit a scented candle in the car and left it in there for a couple of hours. It’s another hot summer day, so the wax in the candle quickly melted and worked against the dreaded dog smell quite nicely. I considered all the possibilities of how leaving a lit candle in a car on a hot day could go terribly wrong, but I just kept an eye on it and the plan seems to have worked. Today we’re going to U-Pull-It to pick up some extra car parts. How is it that Sundays always seem to be hotter than the other six days of the week?

My parents are headed off on a Caribbean cruise later today, all the way down to Honduras. I hope and pray they get lots of rest and relaxation out of the trip and that everything is safe.

Friday – 7/21/2017

New Journal

6:50am – I just had the idea about half an hour ago to put a journal here on this website to which I can add thoughts, ideas and opinions throughout the day. I’ll call it Joe’s Journal and I’ll figure out some way of archiving the older entries so it’s neat and organized.

I’m surprised by some of these good ideas I get early in the morning, even when I’m super sleepy and dragging myself along. An idea will get stuck in my mind. Sometimes it seems it’s already there when I wake up. And then it seemingly develops itself without any conscious effort or focus on my part. Along with the idea to create this journal, I also considered the possibility of creating a series of short books that would focus on teenage character and the dramas and joys of being young in high school. I know…very random.

I get super excited about these ideas in the moments when they’re coming to me, but I often realize later there’s no realistic way of working them into the long list of things I’m already trying to do. So the teenage book series thing will have to wait…or it just may not happen at all.

I remember when I used to have so much time to sit in the café, drink lots of coffee and write page after page of whatever was on my mind at the time. It was so therapeutic…it still is! But that was just a different season of life with no wife, no child on the way, no real job and very few responsibilities. Anyhow, no complaints. I’m happy with the way things are. I had plenty of time to be an independent bachelor.

I’m not sure how I’m going to order these entries. I suppose I could arrange all the entries of one day from earliest (morning) to latest (evening). But I will keep the days in reverse chronological order, so tomorrow’s entries will be above the entries from today. I certainly don’t expect anyone to scroll down on a page to find the entries that I wrote today. Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Welcome to my journal. I’ll write in here as often as I can. Please comment down below!


Spicer’s Out!

12:56pm – I see Sean Spicer has resigned from his position as WH Press Secretary (link). I always knew this was coming one way or another. He’s so antagonistic and unlikable. And when Melissa McCarthy did such an excellent job of mocking him on Saturday Night Live, I knew it was just a matter of time before he was gone. I’m surprised Trump didn’t go with a female in this role in the first place. I expected Kellyanne Conway or Laura Ingraham to get the job. What a total clown show they have going on there in the White House. Only 6 months into this term and it’s already such a dysfunctional mess. They’re not even good at hiding it. It’s hard to imagine they’ll go another 3-1/2 years and finish this term.

It looks like the Press Secretary job will be going to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, which is appropriate. Having already been in that role for awhile and having done a pretty good job at it, there’s no better option. And I can’t imagine anyone else would want that job right now.


Web Services Pricing

5:55pm – It took awhile for me to put it together and I’ll probably change it again several times, but I finally laid out some specific pricing for the website and brand services that I provide on the side. I can’t take on too many clients, but those I take can be sure to have a dynamic website and a professionally promoted brand.

I will soon promote my new website for that business on this website. But for the time being, if you need a website or you know someone else who does, please let me know;