September of 2018 began with contentious hearings in the US Senate for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The theatrics were high, as was expected. But then at midmonth, the noise escalated to a screeching frenzy when Christine Blasey Ford came out and accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape. It allegedly occurred back in the early ‘80s when they were in their teens. What ensued was a crystal clear display shameless malfeasance by the Democrats and bald faced corruption by the media.

Personally, it was a superb month in which my in-laws came and moved in with us all the way from Florida to start a new chapter. Plus, I started a new business. This is my journal for September 2018. Thanks for reading 🙂

Thursday – September 6, 2018

Towards the end of the workday yesterday, I noticed a large wooden pallet in the dumpster. I knew I had to have it…even if it meant climbing up on the side of the dumpster to pull it out. As I was doing this, the heavy pallet repositioned a little and smashed the side of the metal dumpster. Problem is…one of my fingers was between the two objects when they hit each other. Needless to say, it hurt a lot. It’s the ring finger on my right hand.

I’m writing this nearly 24 hours after it happened. My finger’s no longer throbbing like it was all of last night. But it’s still very swollen and purple under my fingernail. As painful as this has been, it’s a small price to pay for the reminder that I must be very careful in all of this physical work that I’m doing nowadays.

I do have a type of insurance. It’s more of a medical-bill sharing program, not insurance. So I’m covered if I seriously injure myself with all of my cutting, lifting and loading. But I would much rather avoid all of that pain and all of that nonsense with medical bills. All I have to do is be very careful. Lesson learned.

Monday – September 10, 2018 – Abram’s 10-Month Birthday!

This boy amazes us every day. First of all, he’s the cutest baby ever! I know I’m his dad and I’m biased. But with all the objectivity I can muster, I would still claim he’s the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen. The other day, he was standing all by himself about 18-24 inches away from Aniela and I. He took 2 or 3 steps and walked to us, knowing we would catch him. Those were the first genuine steps we’ve ever seen him take. It’s only a matter of time, perhaps this fall, that he’ll be walking all over the place…no longer needing to crawl.

He certainly does a lot of talking. None of it sounds like English, but he’s talking nonetheless. We call his language “Abramese.” His big thing lately is to wave at people when they enter and leave a room. He’s had plenty of practice because I come and go from the house most afternoons at lunchtime. Aniela holds him as he waves at me from the window. It’s so wonderful.

One day about a month ago, Abram simply refused to breastfeed and he hasn’t breastfed ever since. Aniela still pumps and Abram still drinks it up from a bottle. But for whatever reason, he didn’t want to breastfeed from that day on. He now eats Cheerios and purees of fruits, veggies and other concoctions that Aniela makes up.

He’s super strong and thick with his little muscles. Just recently, I carefully swung him around in a circle from his arms. He loved it! And now every time I stop doing it and put him down, he vigorously cries with a red face and real tears. It’s amazing as a dad when your kid desperately wants you to hold him.

Saturday – September 15, 2018 – Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been rainy and overcast for the last two weeks. I usually like that kind of weather but even I am getting tired of it. Honestly, it’s not so much the weather that bothers me, but rather, the mosquitoes that come out afterwards. They’re relentless!

Aniela, Abram and I were enjoying our evening walks around the neighborhood in August. But it’s just not worth it anymore. If we’re not fighting against the mosquitoes, we’re paranoid that they’re all around us. For this reason, we don’t even take the walks because we don’t enjoy them anymore.

Sometimes I’ll do some chores outside knowing that they’re biting me. I feel the bites later, put on some aloe on them and forget about it. But those bites have a much more serious effect on A & A. They last for days and are very painful. Anyway, I’m sure the little pests will be less of a problem when the dryer, cooler weather comes along.

Monday – September 17, 2018 – The In-Laws Are Coming!

I bet most husbands wouldn’t like the idea of their in-laws moving in with them. But I’m actually looking forward to it! My wonderful Romanian in-laws, Maria and George Orza, packed up their car this morning in Lauderhill, Florida and set out for Texas. They’re coming here to Houston…not to visit, but to live here.

They’ll be living with us for an undetermined amount of time. We have a very large room in the back of our house that will be their apartment until they find a home of their own in this area. That back room is bigger than the apartment where they’ve been living for the last few years. The good news is that someone recently made an offer on that apartment. So we’re hoping and praying the sale goes through.

We looked at many houses before finding the house in Pearland that we bought in July. When we first went in there, I immediately knew that was our home. The big room in the back pretty much sealed the deal for me. Not only were we looking for a good home for the three of us, but we held out hope that we could find a place that would somehow accommodate my in-laws.

Well, ready or not, here they come! Of course, we lose a little bit of privacy by adding people to our home. But that’s a small price to pay for the help they’ll provide us in taking care of Abram. They want to be helpful and we could really use the help. They’re both very active and functional around the house.

Aside from the help, I want to see them enjoy these later years of life in a good area. It’s not easy to live in South Florida. It’s expensive there and Floridians just aren’t as nice as Texans. Hopefully we’ll find a property for them where they can stretch out and breathe a little.

We’ll cook and eat together, maybe work on projects together. It’ll all be fun. Honestly, I admire them for their willingness to make such a drastic move so late in life. It was tough for me to pick up my life and move to another state in my ‘30s. They’re doing it in their ‘70s. That can’t be easy. Not only is it physically draining to move, but the emotional impact is big also. They have many good friends in Florida who they’re leaving behind. They likely have a few Romanian contacts here in Houston, but how can you replace friends who you’ve known for decades?

Lord, please protect George and Mia as they make the long drive, amen.

Tuesday – September 25, 2018 – Getting Better at SEO

MONO announced the title of their new album, Nowhere, Now Here. It’s their 10th studio album, scheduled for release on 1/25/19. I did a little write-up on it, which is where I’ll include my future review of the album. I’m really excited to hear it. I’ve already heard a couple of the new tracks. Everything I’ve heard sounds pretty good so far.

One little development on this website which I never expected is that my posts about MONO are now among the most visited posts on this site. I think it’s because those posts are perfectly optimized for search engines. They rank high for the specific keywords I gave them. Right now, if you Google “mono drummer,” one of my posts consistently appears at the top. And if you Google the name of MONO’s new drummer, the post I wrote about him is also at the top of the results.

This has been a real boost to my SEO education. I’m getting these results because I have basically established a niche. It would be one thing if I were writing about the Beatles…lots of competition there. But there is virtually no one writing in-depth commentaries about MONO, a relatively unknown band.