Friday – March 1, 2019

Don’t bother looking for my February 2019 journal…I didn’t make one. Throughout the whole month, I fully intended to write…and there was plenty to write about. But I just didn’t make time for it, which is unfortunate. And though I created one for January, I didn’t write much there except “happy new year.” I really do hope for these journals to provide at least a general sense of what was going on in the world and in my life during these months. But that’s just not going to happen if I don’t make time for it.

Anyway, it’s a new month. And therefore, a new opportunity to start over and do better. This particular date, the 1st of March, is very special to me because it was 9 years ago on this date that Aniela and I had a fateful day together. That was essentially the date I decided I would pursue and eventually marry her. And then 2 years later on this date, I moved to Florida to be closer to her.

I vividly remember that long drive. I left Houston for Florida the previous day, which was Leap Day, 2/29/12. I made it all the way to Tallahassee and stayed the night there. The following morning, 3/1/12, I made the long drive down to South Florida. That also happened to be the day that Andrew Breitbart died, which I was shocked to hear about on the radio. That was a tremendous loss. I really wish he was still around during these crazy political era.

Wednesday – March 6, 2019

A little colder than usual for early March. Temperature dropped into the low ‘30s the last few nights. People at work are sick. I’m likely touching the same things they’re touching and now I feel my immune system fighting something. Fortunately however, Aniela has me taking multivitamins and putting essential oils all over myself. It all appears to be helping.

Speaking of Aniela, she’s making great strides towards the reestablishment of her career. She has a lot of different things going on lately…including writing gigs, health consultations and other business venture possibilities. And while all of that is going on, she takes such good care of Abram all day long. Her folks help out tremendously…it’s a real blessing to have them living with us. I know most son-in-laws wouldn’t like this arrangement, but I’m fully aware of how difficult our lives would be if they weren’t with us.

Yesterday I wrote a new post, the first commentary on this website on a painting. It’s New York Movie (1939) by American artist Edward Hopper. It shows a disinterested young woman, an usher at the theater, who is lost in her own thoughts in the back of an auditorium where a movie is showing. This was a common theme among Hopper’s paintings; lonely souls who exhibited boredom and resignation in the big modern world. In spite of all the entertainment and attractions that were newly available, there was still a longing in people’s hearts which all the amusements of the city couldn’t satisfy.

new york movie by edward hopper

New York Movie by Edward Hopper

I took particular interest in this painting because I worked for more than a decade in movie theaters when I was younger. I distinctly know how it feels to be surrounded by diversions and fun while I also had real worries and problems to figure out.

Hopper completed New York Movie in 1939. Three years later he would paint Nighthawks, his most famous painting, which hits on the same themes of loneliness and isolation in the big city.
Hopper’s interests overlap significantly with my own. I’ve always been fascinated by the adaptation of humanity to a constantly-changing world. In spite of the speed and complexity of the world we live in, we’re still fragile humans who crave and desire acceptance, belonging and purpose. And if these needs aren’t met, we’re going to keep looking for them in one place or another. We now have social media to distract us from these desires. But when the day dies down, when the phone is off and everything gets quiet, our longings make themselves very clear. If you do make time to read the post, please leave a comment there.