Thursday – December 6, 2018 – Abram’s Walking & Talking!!

Already in his 13th month here on this earth, Abram’s beginning to take little steps and say a few words. It’s so cute. He’s been standing up and holding onto furniture for several months. And sometimes he simply gets up and stands in the middle of the room for long periods. But until now, he would never try to walk. If he really wanted to go somewhere, he’d crawl.

Aniela and I have noticed lately, however, that if his destination is just a few feet away, he’ll take a few awkward steps to get there. Of course, Aniela and I are usually his destination and he knows we’ll catch him once he arrives. So therefore he takes those steps with confidence and lunges towards us.

We’ve also noticed that Abram’s transition to steps is actually the result of his own impatience. It takes time and effort to get down on his hands and knees, crawl over and then get back up. Taking a few little steps, though risky, is much easier.

He’s also started to say a few words. Or I should say, he’s now saying words we understand. The fact is, he talks all the time…with much passion and volume. We simply don’t know what he’s saying. We call his language “Abramese.” One of his frequent expressions sounds like “durgy, durgy, durgy, DAH!!!” with an extra strong emphasis on “DAH!”

But now he’s pointing to books and saying “boo.” He’s also saying “dada” and “mama,” although Aniela unfortunately hasn’t heard him say it.

Poor little guy had a cold this past week. He was all stuffed up and uncomfortable, but he’s doing much better now. He’s getting so big and strong. I’m so thankful for every day we have him. He’s such a joy to us.

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Wednesday – December 26, 2018 – A Wonderful Christmas!

We had an incredible Christmas break over the last several days. I believe it was the first Christmas I spent in Texas in a long time. I can’t put into words how special it was to be surrounded by my family with Aniela, Abram and Aniela’s parents. It was like a dream come true. A year ago, I couldn’t have foreseen the amazing blessings that awaited us in 2018. It turned out to be the greatest year of my life.

Once again, I unfortunately didn’t write much in this month’s journal. Starting around the 14th, I got sick and stayed sick for a full week. Before that, I’d been preoccupied with building stuff in the garage. But since the sickness prevented me from doing any physical work, I used what little time I had to do SEO work on my websites.

I’m getting really deep into SEO training once again. I’ve been correcting a lot of things lately on my Prime Instruction website. In spite of the considerable amount of SEO work I did on that site earlier this year, it’s just not ranking well for any of my important keywords.

Now that I spent the last couple of weeks analyzing the SEO work that I did, I realized that a lot of it was wrong and misguided. So I’m undoing a lot of things and redoing them the right way (I hope). It may take awhile to see the results of all this work, but I simply must learn it, do it and get better at it.


I’m not planning on setting any goals for 2019, although I probably should. I’m super thankful and grateful for all that God did for me in 2018. He led me in ways I never could’ve expected. And hopefully there will be more of that in 2019.