Saturday – December 2, 2017

ABC News Journalist Brian Ross Suspended for Error in Michael Flynn Report

Even when a representative of the Trump administration is found guilty of something, leave it to media to somehow make themselves look worse than the guy who’s in trouble. Michael Flynn was Trump’s National Security Adviser for about 7 minutes before Trump had to fire him for reasons I don’t remember. Yesterday, he pled guilty for lying to the FBI regarding his communications with Russia. Journal December 2017

Following that breaking news, Brian Ross of ABC News reported that Donald Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Russia during the presidential campaign. If that were true, it would be a violation of campaign rules and would lend credence to the allegations that Trump colluded with Russia to gain an advantage in the election.

Ross’ report sent a shockwave through the news for several hours. The stock market plunged 350 points because it appeared that the US President was in some real trouble. The allegation was circulated by other media outlets and the Trump haters relished in the hope that the man they hate would be impeached.

But it turns out that Trump’s instructions to Flynn took place after he’d won the election, which makes his orders to reach out to Russia perfectly appropriate. ABC corrected their story and suspended Brian Ross. This is apparently not the first time he’s made this type of mistake.

This is only the latest example of the media totally overreaching in an effort to bring down Trump. It reinforces the negative perception everyone already has about the media. They’re coming out with these damning allegations which they later have to retract. And it just makes them look more and more like the hacks they are.

The crazy thing about a non-credible news media is that…if Trump ever does do something so horrible that justifies his impeachment, no one will believe this media when they report on it…even if they’re telling the truth.

Wednesday – December 6, 2017

Trump Affirms Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Plans to Move US Embassy

All recent Presidents have declared that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. But Trump affirmed that position today and announced plans to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Right on cue, the left, the media, European nations and Arab nations all promptly freaked out. They described the decision as an abandonment of the peace process.

I won’t pretend to know or understand all the history and details of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. But every sensible explanation I’ve ever heard makes it clear that Israel is perfectly entitled to claim Jerusalem as its capital. And even if I knew absolutely nothing about the debate, all I would need to do is note the position of the usual lefties so I could promptly take the opposite position.

Don’t get the wrong idea…I’m not usually ignorant about the important topics of the day. I usually know exactly how and why the lefties are wrong. But when it comes to old issues like the Middle Eastern conflict and complex new issues like Net Neutrality, I’m serious when I say that I often arrive to the truth by listening to the falsehoods of the left. And that’s just because they’re so consistently wrong about everything.

We’ll see how long it takes for this new embassy to go up in Jerusalem. I can imagine there will be much physical opposition to its construction by terrorists and lefties. It took 8 years to build a new US embassy in London…and there was no controversy in that construction.

Saturday – December 16, 2017

Katy Football Falls Short in TXHSFB D1 Semi-Final

My mighty Katy Tigers came up short today in cold, wet San Antonio. They lost to the Lake Travis Cavaliers, last year’s state champion, by a score of 28-14. It was an uncharacteristically sloppy performance by Katy, which is known for tough, disciplined football. Katy finishes the season with a 12-1 record and Lake Travis goes on to the D1 championship game against Allen High School. I really wanted to see Katy play Allen. But what can you do…sometimes your team just has a bad game.

I went ahead and spent the $10 so I could see the game online. When I saw the dreary weather, I figured Katy would have the advantage. Lake Travis has a strong passing game but it’s hard to throw and catch the ball in bad weather. Katy, on the other hand, tends to run the ball and often wins games with their smothering defense.

But they simply made too many mistakes today. Numerous bad snaps between the center and quarterback, a gut-wrenching drop by a Katy receiver in the end zone that would’ve tied the game and a missed field goal…it was all just too much to overcome. On top of all that, Lake Travis simply executed well in spite of the weather. Their quarterback completed some dynamic passes and their offense committed zero turnovers.

Another thing I’ve noticed in Katy’s playoff losses is that the play-calling remains ultra-conservative regardless of how badly they’re losing…no matter how much time is left in the game. Down by 14 with 2 minutes left and they’re still running the ball up the middle?? Makes no sense. I don’t remember any pass attempts that went more than 15 yards downfield. Well anyhow…no reason to pile on these young kids or this excellent program. I know they hate to lose and they’ll be back next year. Go Tigers!!

Wednesday – December 20, 2017

Baylor Secures Commitment from 4* QB from Earle, Arkansas

Very excited for my alma mater today as Gerry Bohanon (pronounced “Gary,” not “Jerry”) committed yesterday to play football for Baylor. Gerry will sign his Letter of Intent today. He’s only one of 20 students who will be signing today, but he truly stands out among Baylor’s current recruiting class because he appears to be a great kid, a great player and a fierce competitor. Plus, Baylor has only one quarterback on the roster right now, freshman Charlie Brewer. And the BU coaching staff reportedly went all-in for Bohanon…halting their pursuit of all other quarterbacks while making him the clear priority for the team.

I wrote a post about Bohanon’s commitment; QB Gerry Bohanon Commits to Baylor. It was a last-minute decision to write the post because his announcement was only hours away and the consensus was that he would sign with Baylor. So I figured it would be nice to have a post ready to go when the announcement was officially made. And of course, I wrote it from the perspective that his Baylor commitment was a done deal.

After finishing the post, I went ahead and published it on my website because I wanted to make sure the post would appear correctly on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, I didn’t actually post the post on those platforms because I wanted to keep it under the radar until his commitment was official. I figured there would be no harm if the post was just sitting there published on my website.

Don’t Break News Before It’s Broken

And if that’s all I had done, there would’ve been no issues. The mistake I made was submitting the URL of the post to Google. I did this in order to see how well the post was optimized for search engines. Well apparently it was a little too optimized because somebody found it on Google and posted the link on, a major Baylor website / forum. Next thing I know, my usually-dormant website had dozens of hits and a couple hundred people were on my website looking for that post. My heart was racing.

I immediately unpublished the post and put it in draft mode. Therefore many of those who visited my site were arriving to a “Page Not Found” message on my site. I certainly didn’t like this, but that’s certainly better than having a premature post which declared his commitment to Baylor…especially if he had ended up committing elsewhere. That would’ve been an utter disaster. I mean…I was already hoping hard that Bohanon would commit to Baylor because he’s a great player. But after this blunder, I was really really hoping and praying that he’d choose Baylor.

This ended up being a big PHEW for me because Bohanon finally chose Baylor. This could’ve been a really embarrassing disaster. Believe me…I’ve learned my lesson and I will never make this mistake again. I went ahead and wrote a post about this blunder; Lesson Learned: Don’t Break News Before It’s Broken.

Sunday – December 31, 2017

2017 Comes to a Close

I’m so thankful for 2017. It was easily the most enjoyable year of my life. And I’m very excited about 2018. There was so much I wanted to write in this December journal but there just wasn’t enough time. Aniela and I have our hands full with Abram. He’s got his little issues with reflux and gas discomfort, so it’s an all-hands-on-deck effort to calm him down and give him some relief.

And while this is super inconvenient and prevents us from getting other things done, I’m not complaining at all. We’re so thankful for this awesome little boy. He’s wonderful and amazing. The funniest thing about him lately is that he often extends his arms, gesticulating this way and that way. And he churns his chubby legs like he’s on an exercise bike. But it seems like he’s unaware that he’s in control of these crazy limbs!

I wrote a Year In Review post around this time last year; 2016 America In A Nutshell. But I just couldn’t get around to it this time around. But let me assure you…it would’ve been awesome. And that’s the way I feel about the dozen or so posts on my website that are still in draft mode. I really need to finish them.

Well, that’s it for 2017, a momentous year for me personally. And I’ll take it a step further by saying it was a great year for our country. Trump’s first year as President was certainly not the dreaded apocalypse that everyone warned about. Some legitimately good things are coming out of his administration. We’ll see how it goes in 2018.

But for now, I bid farewell to 2017. May God’s mercy be upon us as we turn our hearts to Him. Thanks for visiting my website.