Trump Currently Winning an Epic Game of Risk

2017-04-14T19:25:42+00:00April 14, 2017|HUMOR, POLITICS|

The White House press corps and multiple sources are reporting that President Trump and his inner circle of advisers have been locked in a game of Risk for at least two weeks. At the time this post was published, Trump was in the lead with a solid stronghold in Asia. White House staffers suspect he [...]

A Country Should Be Managed Like a Home

2017-03-20T00:39:32+00:00February 7, 2017|HUMOR, POLITICS|

When it comes to running a country, it’s not much different than running a home, or at least it shouldn’t be. Granted, there are 319 million more people in the country than there are in your home, but that doesn’t change any of the dynamics that a country and a home have in common. Although [...]

UPDATE: Democrats Are Still Protesting Stuff

2017-03-20T01:13:51+00:00February 2, 2017|HUMOR, NEWS & CULTURE, POLITICS|

In a unified demonstration of solidarity, Democratic voters and the Democrats of Congress they elected all entered the new month of February 2017 with an insatiable desire to continue protesting stuff. Across the nation in airports, college campuses, busy intersections and in Congress, the nation’s Democrats maintained an impressive display of general outrage towards anything [...]

Entrepreneurial Cat Opens Corner Store

2017-03-20T09:38:18+00:00December 26, 2016|HUMOR|

The grocery market at the corner of 45th and Lincoln looks a lot like any other corner store you’ll find around the country. The coolers are loaded with soda and alcohol products. The shelves are neatly arranged with canned goods and packaged food. At the counter, customers can purchase magazines, cigarettes and lotto tickets. What [...]

New Guillotine Alarm Clock Uses Cutting Edge Technology

2017-05-06T16:15:03+00:00September 16, 2016|HUMOR|

  A new, ingenious product is on the market for those who are chronically late to work. Representatives of TimeSlice Inc. announced a new product launch today for their revolutionary alarm clock which promises to resolve your tardiness way or another. TimeSlice’s new Guillotine Alarm Clock has all the usual features of a [...]

I’m Easily Distracted Because … oooh Chick Fil-A!!

2017-07-10T19:16:42+00:00July 28, 2016|HUMOR|

In one of the 29 browsers I have open on my computer right now, there’s an article about a doctor who helps his patients to focus throughout the whole day. The first paragraph was really interesting. There was something in the middle of the second paragraph that reminded me of my friend Chris. Now that [...]

Trump: Maybe Cruz’s Father Shot Lincoln

2017-01-02T23:49:19+00:00May 3, 2016|HUMOR, POLITICS|

Leading up to a crucial Indiana primary on Tuesday, Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump gave an impromptu speech in which he distanced himself from his nearest competitor, Senator Ted Cruz. The most noteworthy moment of the speech was when Trump speculated that Rafael Cruz Sr, the father of Senator Ted Cruz, might have been the [...]

Coffee, I Don’t Love You Anymore

2017-06-27T13:03:55+00:00April 19, 2016|HUMOR|

There's no easy way to say this. I was hoping we could avoid having this conversation. But honestly, things just aren't getting any better between us and I'm afraid I can't go on like this...pretending everything's ok. Everything is not ok. My feelings for you are not what they used to be...and I suspect this feeling is [...]