What If We All Played by Antifa’s Rules?

Antifa seems to be unaware of the patience and tolerance that America has extended to it. Antifa rioters are like a bratty child who screams and kicks in a public place when he doesn’t get his way. In spite of the chaos he’s creating, everyone remains calm and puts on a supportive face. They figure his parents will eventually learn to discipline him and he’ll eventually grow up to become a responsible adult. But deep down in their hearts, they’re all thinking the same thing: “If that were my child, I’d beat the hell out of him.”

But as it is these days, it’s Antifa that’s doing all the beating. White nationalists, conservative defenders of free speech, random guys walking down the street…all these groups and more have felt the stinging blow of Antifa rage. They claim to stand against fascism, but none of the people they attack ever seem to be conducting any fascistic activities. Instead, they suppress the speech of their opposition and lash out at those who disagree with them. Quite ironically, it’s fascists who tend to use these tactics. So in other words, Antifa embodies the very thing it supposedly stands against.

The Right Way to Deal With Nazis

As for the Nazis and white supremacists, I think most of us have a good understanding of how to handle them. We just ignore them, which is best. If they want to get together with torches and chant about the greatness of whiteness…well knock yourself out, boys. These rallies seem to be a colossal waste of time, in my opinion. But nonetheless, they have a fundamental liberty to have and even promote those views.

And just so you know…I’m not in the least worried about white supremacists promoting their views. Their cause isn’t really a worldview that we need to defeat, but rather, one that was defeated a long time ago. On the contrary, I actually pity these guys. They’re caught up in something that’s old, gross and dumb. This country will never be the white fantasyland they dream of. But that is the nonsense on which they’re wasting their lives.

Ultimately, what these pathetic souls really want is attention. If you pay them no attention, they lose their incentive and they go away. Look at it this way; the clowns over at Westboro Baptist Church have the right to protest near the funerals of American soldiers. I can’t think of a more grotesque expression of free speech…spewing such hatred at a sacred time and place that is worthy of the highest honor.

Nonetheless, Westboro’s free speech is protected. And if we, as a country, are tolerant enough to accept the free speech of those lowly haters, we can certainly tolerate a few angry boys who want to defend a statue.

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Antifa “Justice”

Antifa, on the other hand, takes the opposite approach. They magnify the relevance of obscure hate groups by showing up in force to shout them down and beat them up. Antifa would have us believe these racists factions are growing and taking over the country. And of course our only hope of survival is Antifa’s vigilante street justice.

The problem with Antifa lately, however, is not the way they’re interacting with hate groups. At their most recent get-together in Berkeley, they basically went after anyone who wasn’t protesting with them. Here they are attacking a couple of Trump supporters…one of whom appears to be Hispanic:

So let that sink in for a moment. A so-called anti-fascist, anti-racist, social-justice mob is beating and kicking a Hispanic man because of how he voted. You can hear him asking: “What are you beating us up for?”

I don’t know the details of why the mob is attacking these two guys, but this certainly wasn’t the only incident. Antifa and anarchists recently attacked peaceful conservatives, photographers, journalists and even uninvolved bystanders near Berkeley.

In addition to the physical harm they’re inflicting on people, they’re leaving behind a trail of property damage for communities and business owners. The domestic terror of Antifa is absolutely unacceptable and should already have been snuffed out by authorities. For one misguided reason or another, some higher-ups in law enforcement are permitting this thuggery, giving them “space to express themselves.”

Law & Order

I would give anything to witness how Ronald Reagan might’ve dealt with these animals. Here’s how he handled it in 1969 on the Berkeley campus:

Those protesters in 1969 seem tame in comparison to what Antifa is doing these days. I’m sure he would have law enforcement come down hard and heavy against them. It would likely be brutal and chaotic, but at least it would be a righteous effort to stand against such blatant lawlessness.

What If…

Forget about law enforcement for a moment. Forget about all the authorities who are supposed to be cracking down on Antifa terrorists. And consider what would happen if us regular people were to play by Antifa’s rules. What if we showed up in mass numbers in the streets with clubs and chains, outnumbering them 20 to 1? What if we wore masks, dressed in all-black and got ready to attack them?

I’ll tell you what would happen…they would shudder in their black masks and crap in their black pants. The brazen audacity of these cowards has gotten as far as it has because the authorities have done very little to stop them. The cops repeatedly stood down while Antifa rioters “expressed themselves” with pepper spray and baseball bats. As a result, Antifa doesn’t fear the consequences of what they’re doing. And why would they? No one has made them fearful.

We Are Not Them

But even though you and I would very much like to put Antifa in their place, it would be wrong for us to match their violence with more violence. If we were to do this, we would become as uncivilized as they are. We would be just another mob in the street who thinks their violence is justified. We would also be as ineffective at stopping them as they are at stopping white supremacists.

You and I are civil citizens and they are savages. We respect the rule of law and they are lawless. We respect the rights of those who disagree with us while they do not. Don’t ever take the bait by taking up arms against these thugs. If you do, you’ll be just like them.

I know it’s infuriating to stand by and watch them terrorize the neighborhood, so do what you gotta do. Protect your people and your property, but just remember…they are lawless cowards and you are not. So don’t act like them.

I truly hope that law enforcement comes down hard on Antifa. As it is now, the police look like the passive parents who refuse to discipline their bratty kids. As for the bratty children of Antifa who riot in the streets…who knows, even bratty children can change their ways and become responsible adults.

Keep praying for our country, my friends. May God have mercy on the USA.

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